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Sound recordist


Documentary film making is a real artform.You may only get one chance to capture the magic. Sound Speed will have you covered for all scenarios, it's where we get creative. Everything from elaborate car rigs to sweating sports stars, our sound recordist's have the experience to overcome obstacles and record great sound.


We use only high end microphones to capture crystal clear sound. With multi track recorders we can offer a timecode stamped stereo mix along with each microphone isolated to its own track. Double system recording to both camera and recorder with dual media card recording so you will never lose a take.

"Rob is always willing and affable and he faces the challenges of film-making in a collegiate spirit."

- Maurice FitzPatrick, Director and Producer of John Hume in America.

"Steven is a fantastic sound recordist, a great team player and a pleasure to have as part of the crew.

Caroline Kiely, Producer "A Tiny Spark." 

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