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At Sound Speed we love nothing better than getting stuck into a great script. Having worked on many award winning films we have the experience and know how to get quality sound.

Whether its a short or full length feature film we can cover all your audio needs.

We use only high end microphones to capture crystal clear sound. With multi track recorders we can offer a timecode stamped stereo mix along with each microphone isolated to its own track. Double system recording to both camera and recorder with dual media card recording so you will never lose a take.


Soundproofing blankets and mats are always on standby to control any distracting footfall or unwanted reflections.

Sound Speed have worked with me on many award winning films, their work is second to none, they are committed, hardworking and exceptionally skilled. The feedback from the post production house was that it was done by true professionals. I couldn't recommend them enough. Exceptional!"


- Darren Mahon - Producer

Detainment, JFK Badgeman Conspiracy

"Working with Rob and his crew is always a pleasure. He's efficient, focused and a fantastic sound recordist. He brings a great energy to the set. I can't recommend him enough."

- Rebecca Bourke, Producer "Wave"

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